We Buy Jewelry

How it Works

Bring in your items

1 Bring in Your Items

Visit Portland’s most trusted jeweler for more than 100 years—not some pawn shop kiosk—and get the treatment you deserve.

Get a free evaluation

2 Get a Free Evaluation

No appointment is needed to meet with one of our experienced buyers. We will take the time to assess exactly what you have and assign a value. All of this happens right in front of your eyes!

Get paid on the spot

3 Get Paid on the Spot

If your items meet our purchase criteria, we will make you an offer. There is never any pressure for you to accept.

What We Buy

Gold, Platinum & Silver Jewelry

We don’t care if it is broken, mangled or smashed. As long as we can identify its purity we are happy to buy any non-plated jewelry made from jeweler’s grade gold, silver or platinum. This includes 10kt-24kt gold, dental gold, sterling (925), fine (.999) silver, and platinum (950 and .999).

Vintage & Estate Jewelry

If your gold, platinum or silver jewelry is of extremely high quality, in great condition, is a popular and current style or is antique or vintage we may be able to resell the piece in our pre-owned department. If that is the case, we can pay you more.


We are the largest buyers of diamonds in Oregon and make the highest offers on stones one half carat and above. We will give you a comprehensive and free evaluation of your diamond and make you a great offer if it meets our clarity, cut and color requirements.

Sterling Silver Flatware

We pay top dollar for sterling silver forks, knives, spoons, dishes, service trays, candle holders, tea sets and just about everything else you can imagine—regardless of the condition. For many people forgotten hand-me-downs can equal to a big payday. Bring your sterling silver flatware in today for a free professional evaluation!

What We Buy

Confidential Loans

Confidential Loans

We make discreet, confidential loans on your diamonds and jewelry. This is a great way to get the cash you need for emergencies and for everyday expenses without having to sell your items. We are extremely competitive on our loan offers. Contact either of our convenient locations for full details on how it works.